That time I was flagged to wear an Abaya at the Royal Omani Opera House!

By Nicole Brewer

Greetings Globe-Trotters and Happy Holidays! It has been a lovely, festive season for me here in the Middle East ironically enough. Friends and family back home have been surprised to see so much holiday cheer, but I am very fortunate to live in Oman where they appreciate and respect the various cultures of expats they know live here and foreigners that are trotting in from across the globe.  In addition to having a lovely Christmas celebration with friends and their families living here in Oman, a few of us trotted to Muscat to check out the Broadway on Ice show at the Royal Omani Opera House!

The Opera House in Muscat, Oman is opulent in all of its glory. This is my second time visiting the Opera House and just like the first, I was taken aback by its beauty.  It should be noted that they have a strict dress code as it was designed in His Majesty Sultan Qaboos order and he played a part in every detail of it.  To my dismay, after a wardrobe malfunction of getting a horrid run in my stockings before the event, I opted to go bare leg in my cute little African print dress that I had made in South Africa before my return to the Middle East. I was sure that I had cleared the needed length of it being past my knee but behold while leaning back to take a pic I flashed a bit of knee and was one of several woman sequestered to wear an abaya before entering the stunning venue.

I of course obliged and learned a valuable lesson moving forward, I’ll continue to opt in the future for my more modest, long dresses or stick to pants!?! Nonetheless, I must say once I adorned the fashionable black abaya I actually liked the style. I’ve indeed seen some gorgeous abaya styles here at the college I work for and across my travels throughout the country.

The ice skating performance at the Opera House did not disappoint as well! It was lovely to hear some of my favorite tracks being performed live in beautiful falsetto and operatic tones such as “Summertime” while the skaters put on a marvelous display of skill and acumen on the ice! There are many opportunities to partake in cultural events in the Sultanate of Oman, with big shows being lined up for 2015 for family fun and the like. I highly recommend a visit to the Opera House on your trot to Oman and remember ladies, keep it long and classy ;-). Happy globe-trotting and again enjoy this joyous season!!



  1. Nadeen says

    broadway on ice in Oman. Wow! Would not have imagined that. I thought of you and Reginia for giving travel advice on the Middle East! I missed out on the Christmas Day deal but have my eye out f the next 1!

    1. Globe trot says

      Can’t wait for your trot here!

  2. Simone S. Gray says

    Seasons Greetings to you! It’s good to know that you were able to enjoy your Christmas in spite of being so far from home. I hope you have a Happy New Year! P.S. It’s a try blessing to be able to travel and engage different cultures for a living

    1. Globe trot says

      Thank you! Yes it can be difficult during the holiday season away from family but am lucky to have made some pretty great friends while living abroad.

  3. LaShawn says

    Wow! I am always fascinated by the culture in the middle east! I am glad that you are able to celebrate Christmas no matter where you are. The opera house looks beautiful!

    1. Globe trot says

      It is indeed gorgeous. Yes, grateful for great friends!

  4. Vashti ( says

    I’m glad you had a great Christmas. Oh my..girl you rocked that Abaya in style. lol

    1. Globe trot says

      Thanks love!

  5. MJ says

    Your dress is gorgeous! The abaya is cute too and you rock it well. The Opera House is so gorgeous and I love the way the country embraces all cultures. That’s so awesome. Happy New Year. Looking forwards to your 2015 adventures.

    1. Globe trot says

      Thanks a ton! Here’s to 2015 being a great year!

  6. Christine @MomsNCharge says

    I remember traveling to Rome last year with my gospel choir and several people not being allowed inside the churches because their shorts or skirts were too short. I do love that African print dress though! It sounds like you’re having an amazing experience. I can’t wait to read more 🙂 Happy New Year to you!

    1. Globe trot says

      Thanks so much! Happy New Year to you too!

  7. Bernetta says

    Wow!! I always think it’s amazing when people live abroad. One day I would love to do the same. Just the cultural things you get to experience, amazing!

    1. Globe trot says

      Got for it! It’s never to late to trot the globe ;-).

  8. Kim says

    I am certain that broadway on Ice was an experience. I am glad you are able to truly immerse yourself in the Oman culture… *Off to research ‘abaya’.

    1. Globe trot says

      Haha, nice! It totally was.

  9. Chanel | Cultural Xplorer says

    Happy New Year Nicole 😀 The abaya looks great on you! So does the African print dress – where in SA did you make it as I will be traveling there in the spring and would love to make one of my own 😀

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