An evening with Branford Marsalis in Muscat

By Nicole Brewer

Hello globe-trotters!! It’s been awhile since I’ve made a post. To catch you up to speed I’ve been applying for grad schools in Europe, making contributions to a local paper and of course doing my day job of being an English Lecturer here in Oman. My students just wrapped up mid-term exams which is always loads of fun <insert sarcastic face here>.  Well it was nice having a very fun evening with my ladies here in Oman at the Royal Opera House in Muscat! This place is immaculately beautiful!! His Majesty indeed has undeniable taste as far as interior design goes and music it seems.  I just learned that his part time hobby is as a composer which is why he worked so tirelessly to get the Opera House approved here in Muscat.

Last night the incomparable jazz artist Branford Marsalis graced the stage with his incredible band.  It was indeed a magical experience seeing them rock out in fine tune.  The drummer moved like no other. At moments I thought my eyes were witnessing an optical illusion seeing as how those sticks moved lol.  Branford himself seemed so humble and grateful for the opportunity to play in the gorgeous Opera House.  He mentioned how it was currently still cold in NYC, his last concert venue and how excited he was to play a little golf here in the Middle East :-). Take a peek at the album below to see the girls and myself met the jazz  legend.


  1. Janice Temple says

    Cool Nicole! What a treat to meet Branford Marsalis!

    1. Globe trot says

      Thanks Janice. It was a blast!

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