That Time I Traveled to Zanzibar Solo: Fruit & Spice Wellness Resort Review

By Nicole Brewer

Happy Valentine’s Day GTs! Today literally flew by without me even realizing that it was the day of love lol. It dawned on me that I’ve been So busy on the business side of things with I Luv 2 Globe Trot (finishing up my e-book ‘A Guide to Landing an English Teaching Job Abroad’); developing the travel app and clothing store which is coming soon, that I hadn’t had a chance to share with you all my review of the Fruit & Spice Wellness Resort on the South West side of Zanzibar island in  Mchangamle.

Fruit & Spice Wellness Resort
Fruit & Spice Wellness Resort

Even though the drive starts out rocky to Fruit & Spice Wellness Resort, the bumpy ride on the back road is well worth the commute once you arrive upon the glorious destination off the shores of the Indian Ocean. The resort is steeped atop a stunning cliffside in order to protect it against tides. Fruit & Spice wanted to keep an environmental friendly atmosphere, thus uses materials already existing in the area to build the resort facilities. It was built by hand and by locals, which made my choice even more delightful to stay here for my second visit to Zanzibar.



With my late arrival the first evening, the front desk staff knew that I must’ve been exhausted so expedited my check-in process so that I could get a good nights sleep after the journey to the resort (it is located around 45 minutes away from the airport). I woke up the next day refreshed and managed to get upgraded to a superior bungalow. I loved the privacy that I received in my bungalow, along with the massive waterfall shower that has chromotherapy colors for relaxation. It was also equipped with a separate living room that opens on to a private veranda, a satellite LCD TV and beautiful panoramic ocean views.


Bathroom pic via
Bathroom pic via

Outside of my luxurious room, I also enjoyed the rest of the relaxing facilities at Fruit & Spice. They indeed take pride in their resort as it totally showed. I was absolutely sold on staying here after seeing the pictures of the spa online and I can honestly say that the pictures alone did not do it justice! The views are so scenic and immaculate that I tried to do a spa treatment almost everyday while staying here. Other than the day that I spent out in Stone Town with the Curious on Tanzania team, I totally succeeded at my R &R mission ;-).


This pool in the spa area saw me a few times on this trip :-).
This pool in the spa area saw me a few times on this trip :-).

In addition to the gorgeous spa, I thoroughly enjoyed the manmade “beach” areas at the resort. While some reviewers may not have been extremely happy to not be directly located on the beach, those that want to swim can still have access to the ocean from the cliffside by walking downstairs to the water area. Nevertheless, as a none swimmer and more of the relaxing type, the stunning views from the “beach” were just fine for me.


Speaking of stunning views, one of my favorite parts of the resort was the sunset deck area located near the bungalows. There is nothing like reading a good book, sipping on champagne and enjoying the beauty that God has created. If you want to have a relaxing time in Zanzibar at a secluded resort, then Fruit & Spice Wellness resort is the place for you globetrotters. Enjoy and as always, happy globetrotting.


Cheers from paradise!
Cheers from paradise!
  1. barbara dawson says

    Oh how I love this article; pleasing views; and feeling the luxury just from looking. You did a wonderful job and I know you had a great time at this amazing place.

  2. Stephanie (@Vaycarious) says

    This resort looks wonderful! Pinning for my Spring trip. 🙂

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