Sopa Lodge review: Masai Mara, Kenya

Jambo.  While I went on my 4 day safari in Kenya, I stayed at a gorgeous resort right in the middle of the re-known Masai Mara.  I was surrounded by game reserve including hennas and jackals.  I’d recommend this resort for those that may be less adventurous like myself and prefer more luxury over roughing it camping in the wild while on their safari.  Sopa Lodge is a 5 star resort that has delicious buffets for breakfast, lunch and dinner; a huge beautiful pool that overlooks an awe inspiring mountain backdrop and some of the nicest staff which includes security that would walk me back to my room safely in the evening to make sure no animals mistook me for dinner ;-).

You Know you are staying at an excellent place when they have beef wellington on the buffet menu! I was able to take in a traditional Masai warrior jumping show one evening to a feeding right in front of the resort grounds and delight upon conversations with Masai women that sold their precious jewels and sewn outfits. Also it has some of the most beautiful paths for walking and sunsets that I’ve seen in some time.  They also have Sopa Lodges in the Serengeti and Lake Naivasha!  Take a peek at the album below globe-trotters! Enjoy.


  1. InsideJourneys says

    Simply beautiful. I was to do the mara this year but didn’t get it together.
    We did a safari in Zimbabwe a few years ago and had to be walked back to our tent each night by armed – I think it was a tranquilizer gun – guard. It was so interesting waking up and seeing elephant tracks near the tent and realizing we hadn’t even heard them.

    1. Globe trot says

      Wow that sounds pretty amazing too!

  2. Michaela says

    Masai warrior buffet?!? Wow. 😉 LOL! The pictures say it all. It looks like the perfect place to take a jungle retreat. I especially love the view. It’s almost as if I can hear the various animals calling at daybreak. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Globe trot says

      Haha, you’re welcome!

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