Millennium Resort, Mussanah Oman Review

By Nicole Brewer

The Millennium Resort in Mussanah, which is centrally located between Muscat and Sohar, is an amazingly beautiful resort. It is the perfect weekend getaway location for expats and local Omanis alike.  A few weeks back my roommate and I traveled to the small town of Mussanah to enjoy a fun time at the Millennium.

Once you near to the city of Mussanah, you will see signage letting you know that you are getting closer to the resort.  You should take the second roundabout entitled Muladda, not the first as we quickly learned the first roundabout took us into the local neighborhood where not much English was spoken.

We noted the beautiful Bedu tribes nonetheless on the long stretch of road and desert into the resort. Some tribe members were camped out having traditional barbeques which was unique to see for us American expats living here in Oman.  Once we checked into the Millennium, we were greeted with a choice of frothy orange juice or mixed juice and a moist hand towel, as they are sure guest will parched and will need a cool beverage after their commute.

We immediately felt at home and were treated as their slogan says “You are the Centre of Our World.” The world of the Millennium is extravagantly gorgeous.  From immaculate chandeliers to bejeweled interiors of the lobby, it is a first class 5 star resort; which is perfect for a retreat or family weekend out.

Once we checked into our room on the seventh floor of the hotel, we were greeted with a personalized introductory welcome greeting on the flat screen television monitor.  We were placed front and center of the resort. The views from the top floor included the almost half dozen sailboats on the pristine waters of the Arabian Sea.

The interiors are just as beautiful as the functional design of the exteriors of the resort.  The Millennium itself and the pier are in a perfectly circular design.  It has more than 4 pools, several restaurants, spa options are coming soon and a golf course that is great for families or couples to partake in some fun and relaxation.  Check out the below gallery from the gorgeous Millennium resort, Mussanah Oman!

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