La Perle- Dubai’s #1 Show Review

By Nicole Brewer

Greetings globetrotters! I hope all is well and Ramadan Mubarak to my GTs based in the GCC.  A couple weeks ago I visited Dubai. While there, I managed to attend the number one show in the region, La Perle by Dragone. World-renowned Artistic Director Franco Dragone is also the production artist that puts on Cirque du Soleil, so they are familiar with grand shows. Nevertheless, La Perle at Al Habtoor City is grand in its own right, with it being the region’s first ever permeant Vegas-style show located in the heart of Dubai.

The show lasts for 90 minutes, but time flew as the breath-taking performance on a dry/wet stage takes the audience through highs and lows of mystical whimsy. La Perle is inspired by the spirit of Dubai from the past to the present, featuring a massive 860 square meter aqua-stage that delivers stunning feats in, on and above water.

The show centered on a young girl being chased. While some parts seemed a bit arbitrary, overall the beautiful scenes and vignettes made up for it. Some of the highlights from the show included death-defying stunts, including performers doing massive falls into the pool in the center of the stage and another performer jumping about a constantly rotating space wheel.

Unfortunately, due to safety concerns and technical difficulties, production decided to stop the scene with the men on motorbikes, who were to perform a Globe of Death sequence, where circus style bike riders ride their bikes inside of a huge sphere hanging from the ceiling. I was happy that they decided to be better safe than sorry since it seemed that some of the tension wires were slightly loose.

The storyline which focused on a damsel in distress and a prominent male figure attempting to rescue her while creatures and people from all over was a common theme told in a fairy tale like setting, nevertheless, they did it beautifully. The production featured performers from all over the globe, with the troupe being male performer heavy. The part that I enjoyed the most was the seamless acrobatics on top of the stunts. Of course, the soothing aquatic elements added a nice touch as well.

They host two shows per night and thus 10 shows a week for visitors to delight upon.  Overall I can highly recommend globetrotters to take in the La Perle show if time permits during your visits to Dubai. Tickets start from Dh400 online and at the box office.

***Please note I was offered a free media ticket to La Perle in exchange for my honest review. All views and opinions are my own.***

  1. Aisha says

    Oh the show looks amazing, I will have to see where La Perle will be showing. Thanks for sharing this. Also, I loved your skirt in the picture above.

  2. Kita says

    I love Cirque so I am sure La Perle was a real treat. Looks like it was amazing.

  3. Sheena Steward says

    First, I’m jealous you went to Dubai lol. That show looked amazing. Your pictures of the show we great and you were rocking that skirt.

  4. Monique says

    I am a big fan of Cirque du Soleil, so Le Perle sounds like something I’d really enjoy. But Yikes! about the safety concerns with the guys on the motorbike, but luckily it was caught before something tragic occurred.

  5. Kim says

    Cirque shows are always amazing! I have to make it to Dubai to see this one.

  6. Bernetta says

    I love their shows. I’ve been to quite a few. They never disappoint!! I’m glad you had a great time.

  7. Terri says

    So this sounds absolutely amazing! I love Cirque du Soliel, so I’m sure I”ll love this. And I really like the water feature in this.

  8. Mimi Green says

    I love a good grand performance. I hear nothing but beautiful things about Dubai. I’m sure it would have been cool to see the bikes, but I’m glad they put safety first.

  9. Stacie says

    Fun show! I’ve never seen an acrobatic show like this though I’ve wanted to attend one when it comes to town. One day…

  10. Kasi says

    This looks like an amazing show! I’d love to see it in person!

  11. Judaea says

    This is my dream show when I go to Vegas after I see Britney and Jlo reading your review make me want to leave and go now

  12. LaDeia McNeal says

    This looked absolutely gorgeous. I am sure during some parts of the show left you on edge as some of the stunts had me holding my breath watching. How is the weather during this time of the year? Also, was it hard to navigate the city during Ramadan?

  13. Kiwi says

    I still havent been to a Cirque de Soliel show. I bet this was an amazing show to see in Dubai!

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