What’s on Your Summer Music Playlist? Here’s Mine

By Nicole Brewer

Greetings globetrotters! Welcome to June, Gemini season. I’m pretty excited as my B-Day is coming up in a couple weeks and I will be flying to Atlanta to celebrate it with my family. I’ve coined this summer my summer of concerts due to my plan of hitting four music festivals. These include Essence Festival in New Orleans, the North Sea Jazz Festival in Rotterdam, the Colours Music Festival in the Czech Republic prior to my speaking engagement at TBEX Europe, and last but not least I will head to Sziget Festival in Budapest on a day pass to see Kendrick Lamar.

So as you can see, I’m a tad bit obsessed with good music lol. This got me to wondering what you all are listening to this summer globetrotters. Below is a round-up of some of the music that stays on rotation in my playlist in preparation for summer. Let’s see some of yours below in the comments. Are you heading to any music festivals this summer?

  1. Daniel Caesar- Best Part

So one of the best parts about this summer will surely be seeing Daniel Caesar at the Essence Music Festival. I’ve been playing his CD Freudian out since last year. His soulful ballets are totally soothing. While I’m looking forward to turning up a bit in New Orleans at the festival, I can totally vibe with Daniel’s melodic vocals to keep the balance.

2. Jacob Banks – Mercy

Since I’ve hipped you all to the Colors channel, which I just recently learned about on Youtube, I have to share with you the husky gospel sounding tunes of Jacob Banks’ Mercy. I seriously can’t get enough of this track, as listening to it Banks manages to stir up feelings deep down in my soul.

3. Jill Scott-Blessed

I surely have an attitude of gratitude and Jill Scott’s Blessed sums up how I feel about life as of late. I’ve been binging on most of the artist that I will see this summer. Nevertheless, Jill Scott’s Blessed is always in heavy rotation for me.

4. Childish Gambino – This is America 

Now I’ve been a fan of Mr. Glover or better known musically Childish Gambino since his days of rapping about backpackers lol. His most critically acclaimed track This is America has been a topic of discussion across the globe. The song is just as spellbinding as the video, with its hidden meanings laden throughout such as how we use dance as a distraction of the bigger issues to gun violence in the States.

5. Drake – Nice For What

Now all of the drama and rap feuding with Pusha T aside, Drake’s Nice For What is still going to be in heavy rotation for me while globetrotting this summer. It surely may be my anthem as a reminder to put myself and my goals first.

6. Anderson Paak & The Free Nationals – NPR Tiny Desk Concert

I honestly couldn’t choose just one track by Anderson Paak, so figured I’d just bless you all with his Tiny Desk Concert edition which showcases several of his hits including Suede and more off of his hit albums Malibu and Venice. I’m counting down the days until I can hear these fly tracks live at the North Sea Jazz Festival in Rotterdam.

So those are just a few of my top tracks for summer 2018, whose on your playlist globetrotters? Please comment below. As always, happy globetrotting!



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