Kings of R&B Tour Germany- Mcknight, Benet, Dru Hill & D. Jones

By Nicole Brewer

I’ve survived my first full week of classes in my 2nd term here in Germany of graduate school. I was absolutely delighted when I found out this past month  that one of my Favs Eric Benet along with other legendary R&B greats Brian McKnight, Dru Hill and Donell Jones would be coming to Germany on a European tour! Just a week before they hit the country I decided that after all of the hard work from the previous term that I deserved to have a blast and see these Kings of R&B live.

It was well worth my few hours of sleep (I arrived home after 2am or so) the previous night before having to be bright eyed in class the next day.  The show kicked off with a fun filled performance from Dru Hill (with a new member and being scaled down to 3 now).  Sisqo of course had to do a couple of his solo hits including “The Thong Song.” The man still got the moves, doing flips and whatnot on stage with his back-up singers.  Nevertheless, I was most happy with the performance of “Beauty” which is one of my favorites from their collection.

The show then moved on to a few hits from Donell Jones. While I did enjoy his performance…I was ready for my boo Eric Benet to hit the stage after so long, my mind actually wandered during his set to be honest lol.  Of Course, Eric didn’t disappoint per usual (yeah I’ve seen him a few times more than I can count hehe). He started off his set with Chocolate Legs, with the hilarious intro referencing the varied forms of Chocolate around the globe. Peep the footage below.

I managed to get back stage (I have my ways 😉 and get my hug and he even sang a tad of It’s So Cold in the D for this Detroit native haha. I was able to chill backstage for a little bit with him and his crew, his lovely assistant even gave me a cup of Grey Goose and juice. They mos def know how to treat his True Fans.  After getting my hug, pic and a pic with Sisqo of Dru Hill, I ran back out to see Brian McKnight’s sets and he brought the house Down. Germans mos def love their R&B…I saw lighters lite and all during the sets lol.  It was a most fabulous night. Take a peek at the pics and videos below globe-trotters. Enjoy!

Dru Hill- Beauty

Donell Jones- Where I Wanna Be

Eric Benet – Chocolate Legs

Eric Benet – News For You

Brian McKnight- Still In Love With You

Brian McKnight- Crazy Love

Brian McKnight – Anytime

  1. Nadeen says

    Wow!! I didnt know you were in Germany studying! I am sure thats an Amazing experience! What fun to get to see some great R&B and be VIP too!!

    1. Globe trot says

      Yeah, it truly is a blessing!

  2. K. Elizabeth @ YUMMommy says

    What a great line up. Makes me want to take a musical trip down memory lane.

    1. Globe trot says

      It was a great show.

  3. Taiwanda says

    Awesome! Did Eric sing “Sometimes I Cry”?

    1. Globe trot says

      Yes he did girl!

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