Hipmunk Hotels: Budget-Friendly Hotels in Sacramento, Grand Junction, and More

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 Budget-Friendly Hotels in Sacramento, Grand Junction, and More

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For many travelers, it doesn’t take long before cities start to blend into each other. With chain stores, restaurants, and attractions, you may long for something different.

Take a look at these attractions that are unique to their city and will draw visitors from across the country.

West Hollywood, California

A mere thirty minutes outside of the booming Los Angeles metropolis, West Hollywood is a go-to destination for those looking for a lively and fun atmosphere.

Here in WeHo, as the city is affectionately called, you’ll find the Sunset Strip. Known for palm trees that stretch to the clouds, this street is also famous for its attractions.

Drive the Sunset Strip — unless you’re up to walking almost two miles — for a glimpse of colorful billboards, delicious dining, and exclusive shops for visitors to this small slice of heaven. For a hotel that takes you closer to the cosmos, book at the Sunset Tower Hotel. You won’t be disappointed.

Sacramento, California

Railbuffs aren’t the only ones who would enjoy a visit to the California State Railroad Museum. Located in Sacramento, California’s capital city, this museum will stun you with exhibits that speak to Cail’s interesting history.

A major point during the Gold Rush, the California State Railroad played an important part in connecting this bustling city to the rest of the nation.

Check the calendar of events to find a date to take a train ride along the Sacramento River. enjoy breathtaking views from your comfortable window seat for an unforgettable experience. For a hotel that you’ll love going back to each evening, try the Hyatt Regency Sacramento.

Manhattan Beach, California

Just because the city’s called Manhattan Beach doesn’t mean that there aren’t plenty of attractions that don’t include swimsuits and sunscreen.

Peak your head into the Riley Arts Gallery, a fixture of Manhattan Avenue. This establishment supports local artists by showcasing Manhattan Beach’s best talent. Inside you’ll find a range of art styles and mediums to browse over during your visit. Find a favorite to take home. It’ll be one of your favorite souvenirs for years to come.

The Sea View Inn at the Beach is a sure bet for a relaxing stay near the water. This hotel is a favorite of Manhattan Beach visitors.

Grand Junction, Colorado

You haven’t seen Grand Junction until you’ve seen the entire city from Lands End. Surrounded by thrilling landscapes, your visit to Grand Junction isn’t complete without a day spent in the great outdoors. The reward for making it to the top of Lands End Road are spectacular views over the mesa of Grand Junction.

The surrounding trails within the Grand Mesa National Forest are no less fulfilling. From fishing, to animal spotting, to hiking, Grand Junction keeps nature lovers busy. With the free cookie upon check in, you can’t go wrong booking at the DoubleTree by Hilton Grand Junction.

Oxnard, California

Open only a few days a month, Oxnard offers an exhibit that will take you back into time. The Mullin Automotive Museum is a must see for anyone stopping in this coastal city. The museum showcases a pristine collection of automobiles dating from the early 1990s through World War 2.

If you’re interested in a visit, plan your trip in advance because you can’t visit this museum on a whim. The jaw dropping collection of cars is available on a set schedule with tours offered by knowledgeable and passionate staff.

Even after seeing a perfect car exhibit, the Homewood Suites by Hilton Oxnard/Camarillo will take your breath away. This hotel is an exhibit in itself.

This list of unique attractions in some of my favorite western cities won’t disappoint you on your next visit.

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