The Ultimate Xmas Market in Cologne, Germany

By Nicole Brewer

Hello globe-trotters! There are just a few short more days of classes until my winter vacation and the holidays! I’ll be Barcelona bound in just another several days so am enjoying the last days I can get of German Christmas market fun! This past weekend I traveled over to Cologne Germany for enjoy some good treats, fabulous music and holiday cheer.

Cologne has a massive Xmas market display, totally at least 3 or 4 markets. I managed to check out two myself.  It was such a pleasure to hear all of the Xmas bands playing on various corners, from a Scottish bagpipe player (video below) to local German marching bands getting live. Trust me, if you’re a grinch that don’t like holiday cheer then Cologne (or any other city in Germany for that matter) is Not the place for you lol. Enjoy the holiday cheer below via my photos and videos. Cheers!

German band #1 at market

German band #2 Xmas market

Man w/ bagpipes getting shut down by Police



  1. Gran Canaria Local says

    They have Christmas markets all over the world now. But if you’re on an authenticity quest, it’s got to be Germany. Just like if you want to see a Bélen de Arena, you need to visit Las Palmas de Gran Canaria.

    1. Globe trot says

      Yes, these are like no other! Thanks for stopping by.

  2. […] Every year in the city of Cologne, Germany, you can find a number of holiday markets including the city’s largest and most traditional market Weihnachtsmarkt Kölner Altstadt / Heimat der Heinzel.  Throughout the city you can smell the aroma of freshly baked apples, buttery biscuits and mulled wine that fills the air. Check out this post by Nicole of I Luv 2 Globetrot as she shares her experience visiting the Christmas Markets in Cologne. […]

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