Living in Oman: Expat Interview with Abdelwahab M.Nour of Sudan

By Nicole Brewer

Greetings globetrotters! As many of you know I’ve been living in Oman for 3 years now and have been having an incredible experience. Every so often you get to meet amazing people being an expat. I recently had dinner with some other globetrotters at a local traditional Arabic restaurant in the souk area of Nizwa and came to meet an incredible man that is a manager of the delectable establishment. Abdelwahab M.Nour is of Sudanese descent, has been living as an expat in Oman for years and is an incredible artist. Please check out his interview below and some of his incredible works for art that are available for purchase. Thanks and as always happy globetrotting.


Can you tell the I Luv 2 Globe Trot community a little bit about yourself (where you are from, what you do, etc)?

I  grow up in a Town called Alrahad in mid Sudan , beside a small lake surrounded by forests , gardens and sandy hills , beside that most of my family are working in handicrafts. This environment and beauty kept me in love of art since early childhood and I developed that by school teachers and family encouragement.I developed my techniques in art more by our field trips to different areas in Sudan for direct painting from nature which usually takes 3 to 4 weeks. I have a BA Degree in Graphic Design from the Collage of Fine and Applied Art in Sudan 1987. I  worked for UNICEF Sudan for six years as an illustrator and designer for education materials.

During that period I had many solo and group exhibitions in Sudan and overseas . But I find that job doesn’t satisfy my ambition in Art, so I start professionalism in Art in 1996 by organizing 11 solo exhibitions in Kenya, Syria, Jordan, UAE , England and Sudan, and I had good relations with many Embassies , art centers and art galleries and participating in more than 60 shared and group exhibitions and art festivals around the world. I also published for some  of my art works in the Gulf region and internationally.

 How did you go about working for the restaurant business in Oman and getting your work featured there?
I work for a decoration company that belongs to the same owner of Alturath Alarabi Restaurant, in Nizwa , so we work together to combine business with art and culture , we wont our customers to enjoy painting and drawings from the same region with life demonstrations.

Out of all of the places around the globe, what made you pick Oman?

Most of my customers are either from Europe or the States, but I chose Oman for living for its richness of heritage and cultures, beside the beauty of landscape and mountainside which gives me much inspiration and also for how friendly Omani people are.
omani seen


Where can globetrotters interested in your art purchase your pieces?

I deal with Art Galleries in different countries but for my latest collections i concentrate on Almadina Gallery in Muscat or every body is welcome to contact me in my e.mail : , my account in Facebook and Linkedin or visit my official web site :

African Art

Do you have any words of wisdom for those interested in being entrepreneurs abroad?

I be-leave that art is the shortest language between nations and countries, I am so proud that i have my art works physically in thousands of houses, offices and establishments all over the world . as originals or prints. I dream to see the world without violence and war. We are brothers from Adam and Eve. wW have to live in this world in peace as brothers.


  1. Nadeen says

    This artwork is absolutely beautiful!! I love to see such talent and admire the entrepreneur spirit!!

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