First solo vacay reflection: Cambodia

By: Nicole Brewer

Hello Globe trotters! So I’ve seen that a few of the globetrot fam have inquired about traveling to Cambodia as of late.  I thought I’d do a quick write up on one of experiences that has contributed to my profound desire for wonderlust.  Back in the spring of 2010 we had a long 4 day weekend alloted for one of the numerous holidays got while working in S. Korea.  Churning up the wonderlust gears I decided that it’d be great to get away to S.E. Asia and Cambodia was the logical choice for a budget friendly trip in a short time frame. I inquired from friends about experiences there and managed to get an Awesome recommendation from one that had traveled to Cambodia the past year. I knew going solo I’d prefer to do a fair amount of planning and have transport already arranged. My friend Lucia gave me the information for a personal tuk-tuk driver that picked me up from the airport and emailed possible itineraries before arrival.  Kim Soyar and his brother come highly recommended; they are really great guys with excellent customer service!

A Rainbow took in after a short rain on tuk tuk ride.
Traditional dance over dinner.
Performance by local doctor where proceeds went to Children’s Hospital.

My first night in Cambodia included a strange little encounter over dinner.  Let’s just say you have to be careful who you take recommendations for massage parlors from as some want to give you a happy ending if you catch my drift ;-).  After being slightly confused and dazed from a day of travel and strange encounters at the massage parlor I took in an amazing nights sleep at a 4 star resort on more like 2 star prices.  I recall paying less than $30 a night for a Lovely stay at the Riviera Hotel in Angkor Wat.  The next day I had one of the most luxuries pedicures in my life  at the resort hotel which included having my feet wrapped in paraffin fan wax and warm gloves over feet. I’m craving another one right now as I type!! Furthermore, please note that there are numerous opportunities to give back to the community byway of donations and drop-ins at schools! One of the coolest experiences to take in I must say.

Local kids at a school.
Cute kids at the temples.

I would be remiss to not mention the Gorgeous beauty that is Angkor Wat!! I totally had a religious experience just taking in it’s majestic beauty. It is beyond breath-taking and I made sure to take in a sunrise and a nightfall views over the weekend I spent there. You most definitely should do one of the elephant rides through the enormous temple roads.  It was so soothing and comforting being in the complex.  It was also pretty amusing to see the little kids hustle and work the crowds. I heard, “hello pretty lady or Ohh… Michelle Obama!” (boy do they know how to flatter a girl ;-). Also, special note Do come well-equipped with suntan lotion!! This was the first and last time I got sunburned on a trip due to the extreme sun especially after spending the day in the shadeless Angkor Wats!!  So my final words of advice if you so desire to travel S.E solo is research, plan and come equipped with your suntan lotion globe trot fam! 😉

Views from atop elephant.


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  2. Nadeen says

    WOW!! So beautiful!! When a frined of mine first mentioned her desire to go to Cambodia a few years ago I was not that enthusiastic but the pics I have seen since of Angkor Wat have put in on my list. And less that $30 a night for a hotel room?! Funny about the massage!

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