Egyptian Museum, Cairo Egypt Photo-Journey

By Nicole Brewer

Happy New Year globetrotters!! I hope that 2016 has been off to a great start for you all. I’m very grateful for the globetrotting opportunities that have been afforded to me to end off 2015. I’m still reeling from the time spent in Cairo, Egypt and spending New Years Eve in Dubai! I’m excited to share with you all photos from my time at the National Museum of Egypt in Cairo.

I was blessed to be there during a time that they allowed pictures to be taken in order to drum up tourism during these times of travel alerts and such. I’m happy I braved it and took my solo trot to Egypt using Memphis Tours  as the experience was truly magical.  Check out my photo journey of the time I spent at the National Museum of Egypt. Enjoy GTs and as always happy globetrotting!!



  1. Barbara A Dawson says

    Awesome and priceless. What a share. Thank you.

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