Top 5 Things to do in Bahrain

By Nicole Brewer

I trotted to Bahrain a few weeks ago and had the most fabulous time. From staying at the ultra classy Ritz Carlton Bahrain Hotel to visiting the historic Bahrain Fort, I was not bored at all in my weekend escape to the Kingdom of Bahrain. I was lucky enough to take two day tours courtesy of the Ritz Carlton Bahrain Hotel, so wanted to share with you all my top things to do if you ever find yourself visiting this beautiful country globetrotters. Check out my list of the top things to do on  your trot to Bahrain.

  1. Visit the Historic Bahrain Fort    

The UNESCO World Heritage Bahrain Fort is located atop a 17.5 hectare hill. It is the former capital of Dilmun and is one of the most abundant archaeological digs in the Arabian Gulf. It also features an onsite museum that has over 500 artifacts being showcased. I took my time taking a stroll around the other area of the Fort taking in all of its beauty. Local women and families did the same and showed me just how much pride Bahrainis have in this beautiful country.




New friends and I at the Bahrain Fort :-).
New friends and I at the Bahrain Fort :-).

2. Head to the Bahrain National Museum 

If you are a culture and history buff, then the Bahrain National Museum is the place for you on your visit to Bahrain. It is the most popular tourist attraction in Bahrain and there is no wonder why, with its rich historic artifacts and displays. Not only are the artifacts an appeal to tourist, but also the beautiful decor of the building and surrounding waterfront location. The museum also features several gallery spaces used for contemporary exhibitions of art,  a wildlife hall with displays of fish and other animals, a shop selling Bahraini crafts, and a cozy cafe for a coffee or snack with the family.

Display of a traditional Bahraini wedding ceremony.
Beautiful Qur'an on display at the Bahrain Museum.
Beautiful Qur’an on display at the Bahrain National Museum.
Ancient artifacts at the Bahrain National Museum.
Ancient artifacts at the Bahrain National Museum.

3. Enjoy Gazing at Camels at the Royal Camel Farm in Bahrain

One of the awesome things about going to the Royal Camel Farm is that it’s free! I wasn’t actually expecting this. When my driver from the Ritz Carlton hotel pulled up I hooped out to ask the security guard if I could go see the camels and he just nodded his head sure and let me past. The camel farm is huge, being home to close to 500 camels. I was free to roam the estate and feed the camels, take pictures and just gaze in awe at these massive animals. I’d for sure suggest this as a morning stop with the kids if you are traveling with a family.


Camel selfie :-)
Camel selfie 🙂



4. Catch a Race at the Bahrain International Circuit (BIC)

Bahrain is home to one of the biggest motorsport venues the Bahrain International Circuit (BIC), which opened its gates in 2004. It’s typically used for drag racing, GP2 and the annual Bahrain Grand Prix. The previous weekend to my visit the BIC hosted the 6 Hours of Bahrain World Endurance Race. It featured world renown racers and even motorsport sport enthusiast Patrick Dempsey made an appearance. Unfortunately the weekend that I visited I missed a race the day the before, but it was still pretty awesome to hit the pavement of such a famous International Circuit.




5. Have a Fine-Dining Experience at one of the Ritz Carlton Hotel Restaurants 

Last but certainly not least is enjoying one of the classy restaurant establishments that are located at the Ritz Carlton Bahrain Hotel like Plums, Primavera or Cafe Venissa. I had the most luxurious meal at Plum’s Steakhouse, which consisted of 10 courses of fine-dining, from veal to an amazing ice-cream dish. I can highly recommend taking the time to enjoy an amazing meal or drinks at any of these restaurants. I wrote a great restaurant review of Plums and will be completing one soon for Primavera so come back globetrotters to check those out.

Plums Restaurant at the Ritz Carlton Bahrain Hotel.
Plums Restaurant at the Ritz Carlton Bahrain Hotel.
Ice dessert at Plums.
Ice dessert at Plums.
Amazing dessert options at Primavera, review coming soon.
Amazing dessert options at Primavera, review coming soon.

Any that you would add to the list? Feel free to comment below. As always, happy globetrotting GTs and Happy Holidays!

***Disclaimer: Please note I was offered the opportunity to take day tours through the Ritz Carlton Bahrain hotel. All views and opinions are my own.***




  1. Kathrin says

    I would love to see the camels farm! It’s definitely something extraordinary to do. And it’s great that it’s free, too, as I’m always on the lookout for “free things to do in…”

  2. Kate says

    I’ve never really wanted to go to Bahrain. It’s just never been a place I’ve heard anything interesting about but it looks like there are some good things to do. I didn’t realise there was a race track and a royal camel farm. Thanks for sharing your tips

  3. Jackie says

    I always enjoy reading about countries that haven’t been on my radar or popular with other travelers. It’s a great way to discover new places to experience. The Fort has such intricate architecture and who wouldn’t love a camel selfie?! Thanks for sharing your experiences.

  4. Natasha Hecher (Eurotash) says

    Another place on my list 🙂 Camels are the coolest. True story. Did you ride them?

    1. Globe trot says

      Awesome! No not this time, but I have in the past in India and recently in Egypt :-).

  5. Vicky and Buddy says

    Wow, a 10 course meal! Where you able to finish it all? I’m sure it was necessary after all the exploring you did though. I would love to visit the fort and museum. I love getting to know the history and culture of places I visit.

  6. Andrea Leblang says

    Love these recommendations! Great photos as well. The camels are so adorable. I’d love to spend a day with them!

  7. Brenda Tolentino says

    The Royal Camel Farm is definitely a great draw for families with kids to visit Bahrain. The race tracks also looks like a fun family thing to do. Thanks for the tips.

  8. Natalie Deduck says

    500 camels? Wow! We saw just a few of them in Morocco and already loved. Weren’t scared by the strange noises they make?
    My husband would love to visit the International circuit. You got me with your picture from the arcs in the Fort. Such a beautiful architecture!

  9. Holly says

    Looks like there is a lot more to do there then many let on. Thanks for the list. If I ever decide to go there I will know what to do. I love how the Bahrain Fort looks too.

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