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By Nicole Brewer

Greetings globe-trotters! This month in the Jetsetter Travel Roundups we bring to you a compilation of articles from travel bloggers living across the globe of their solo travel adventures! From my experience trotting to Cambodia solo to Oneika of Oneika the Traveller’s tips on solo travel if you’re a girl, your desires to learn about how to globe trot solo and recommendations on where to go will be fulfilled in this post!

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First up, I bring to you my article on my first solo globe-trotting adventure in my piece entitled: First Solo Vacay reflection: Cambodia. A few years ago while I was teaching in South Korea I decided to venture off on my first solo trip to Cambodia, which is a stunning country to trot to as a woman.  I learned about a great driver after inquiring from a friend that’s in the iluv2globetrot travel community that assisted me throughout my travels in Siem Reap, from picking me up from the airport to taking on day tours. I highly recommend Cambodia for a solo travel destination, check out my reflection piece for more information about this beautiful country.

Angkor Wat is a magical place!
Angkor Wat is a magical place!


Next up we have a contribution from the incomparable travel blogger Oneika The Traveller. Oneika has been trotting the globe as both a couple and solo for years documenting her fabulous experiences.  In her article 9 Tips for Solo Travel if You’re a Girl, she gives great tips to keep you safe while trotting the globe solo as a woman such as to remain inconspicuous (ie don’t dress too provocative) and to keep people at home abreast of your whereabouts. Get in here to check out the remainder of her tips for solo travel!

Oneika at the Royal Palace in Bangkok, Thailand.
Oneika at the Royal Palace in Bangkok, Thailand.

Nadeen White of The Sophisticated Life shares her experience of dealing with heart breaking events in her life by venturing off a few years ago on a solo trip she entitles:  Eat, Pray, Love in Northern California! A solo trip is totally recommended to get away from it all and become one with yourself like Elizabeth Gilbert did in the infamous (and one of my favs) movie Eat, Pray, Love.  Nadeen spent her “Eat” portion in San Francisco, her“Pray” part in Yosemite National Park and her“Love” section in Carmel and Monterey traveling along Big Sur! You can’t help but feel the love along the Gorgeous coast of Big Sur in Cali. This is a great solo trip for anyone needing clarity and peace of mind!

Nadeen at Yosemite National Park.
Nadeen at Yosemite National Park.


While many of us Love the idea of traveling solo and finding ourselves or just jetting off on an epic solo trip, some can understand that is not always what it’s cracked up to be. Katie of Domestiphobia journals just”What Solo Travel is Really Like” while venturing through Italy on one of her first solo trips alone outside of traveling through the USA.  Yes and as you may have guessed it, she notes that it can indeed be lonely.  Who will take your pics for you if you don’t have a selfie stick? She even goes on to take numerous feet pics to document her journey, which looking back on it is sort of cool but it took some time on this journey for Katie to fully enjoy the solo venture. Read more about Katie’s experience from the above link.

Katie relaxing in the sun while in Italy on her solo trip.
Katie relaxing in the sun while in Italy on her solo trip.

Next up with have 2 posts from Tryphena Wade of We Don’t Sit on Couches…don’t you just Love that blog name? Well Tryphena wanted her readers to know just why she choose it and documents her life of solo travel in her piece titled “Wait! Uhh…so…why don’t we sit on couches?” She gives an open and honest account of why it is important to do what makes you happy, regardless of if you do it solo or not.  I can totally relate to her tales of people inquiring about her traveling solo as a single woman. You’ll enjoy this piece immensely and be inspired at the same time to try solo travel if you haven’t done so already.

In another article called “Of this I’m certain…“, Tryphena explains why she is certain that God’s favorite color is blue. While trotting through Capri, Italy solo she happens upon the most gorgeous sea while staying on the Amalfi Coast and heading to the Blue Grotto. This region certainly sounds like a dream getaway for a solo trip. To learn more about why she recommends Capri, review her article Of this I’m certain.

Tryphena in Capri, Italy.
Tryphena in Capri, Italy.


We hope that you are inspired to take the plunge and trot on a solo travel experience if you have been nervous about traveling alone. While it may not be for all, it can indeed be an enriching experience to have.  Have you ever traveled solo? If so, where and how was your experience? Feel free to comment below. Thanks for stopping by and as always happy globe-trotting!




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  1. Janelle says

    This is perfect. I was JUST talking to a coworker about solo traveling this morning. I’m heading off to New Orleans on my first solo trip this weekend and am excited about it. Thanks for sharing! #BLMGirls

    1. Globe trot says

      Excellent, enjoy. Happy globetrotting.

  2. Fashion MaBE says

    awesome!! I’m SUCH a nervous traveler! Any ideas of how to kick that anxiety!? #BLM

    1. Globe trot says

      Yes, I know solo travel isn’t easy for all. If it makes you feel more comfortable I’d recommend doing a group tour (I did one “solo” myself in Beijing but made new friends on the tour). The only way to really get over it, is to just do it! 🙂

  3. Winter White says

    My dream is to road trip across the US by myself. What perfect motivation to get that dream crossed off my bucket list! #BLM

  4. Crystal says

    I enjoyed this post! I too love to travel, but I always go with my husband and my friend. I think because they are always willing to go anywhere at anytime, I never have to consider traveling alone. I’m not sure if I would travel alone if I didn’t have my travel buddies, but I guess if that’s the only way I could see the world, then I would have to suck it up and go. #blmgirls

    1. Globe trot says

      Yeah. I have never allowed not having a travel buddy to stop me from taking on a great adventure. Glad you enjoyed it!

  5. Jaye@Curvatude says

    Thanks for this! I am looking forward to checking out the the other ladies in detail because I am definitely someone who loves to travel solo and I always looking for tips and suggestions to do so safely and smart. And I can definitely relate to some of the challenges like picture taking and bouts of loneliness because there are definitely some moments I wish I was sharing with someone else.

  6. Holly says

    I have traveled alone, but I didn’t really enjoy it too much. A few times I got lucky because I had friends in a city and would reach out. Then it became enjoyable haha. I think it is good to at least do it once because you really get to learn more about yourself.

    1. Globe trot says

      Yeah, it’s indeed not for everyone but I love solo travel. I always put myself out there to meet amazing people and learn something new about myself on every trip.

  7. Earl-Leigh says

    Great roundup! While I don’t plan on traveling solo, I like to see what experiences other women of color have had outside of the states. I’m looking forward to exploring Tryphena’s blog!

    1. Globe trot says

      Glad you enjoyed them!

  8. Jay'L Harris says

    I have never thought about solo traveling. I am going to add this to my list to do before I turn 40!

    1. Globe trot says

      Sounds like a great plan ;-).

  9. Patrice M Foster says

    My first solo globe-trotting adventure enjoy reading about the ladies solo trips and the different places , suggestions, adventure, & experience. Thanks for sharing.

  10. Nadeen says

    This is so great! I not only love the post but all the responses!! I hope it brings inspiration to women who have doubted their ability to travel solo!

  11. Teela L. says

    I’m starting my first solo road trip (3,000+ miles) in a few weeks and rounding up as much advice as possible! Looking forward to checking out the different blogs you recommended =)

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