Heaven on Seven: Nola food Chicago style

By Nicole Brewer

A couple of weeks ago I had the pleasure of enjoying some time with some fantastic friends in Chicago. To repay my gracious hosts for allowing me to crash at their place during my visit, I decided to take them out to one of our favorite New Orleans style restaurants for a delicious buffet dinner.  Heaven on Seven, located on Michigan avenue (with entrance on Rush street), is one of my favorite spots in the Chicago area to dine!

One of the first things that you will notice when you walk into Heaven on Seven is the glorious wall filled with themed hot sauce bottles from around the globe! It wouldn’t be Nola style without the mardi gras apparel and decorations flung around as well! Between the amazing decorum and fun filled music, you’ll know that this is the place to have a little fun and eat some good down home food!

We ate scrumptious food on the buffet which included red beans and rice (which has pork stock FYI). Since I don’t eat pork or beef, the waitress was kind enough to bring me a delicious black bean option with veggies as my friends ate the red beans. They also served some of the best fried catfish and chicken in the land! The mashed potatoes outside of the main the dishes was one of my favs. I drenched the potatoes in the yummy chicken gravy.

At the start of the meal we had divinely delicious gumbo also.  My girlfriend Lisa and myself topped off our meal with spiked sweet lemonade and tea that came in Huge mason jars like served down in Nola! Globe-trotters if you make it to Chicago you Must check out my fav restaurant Heaven on Seven…you’ll indeed feel like you’re in New Orleans in the middle of Chi-town.

  1. Butterfly Jewel says

    That was nice of the waitress to accommodate you! I’m sure the black beans and veggies were just as delicious as the red beans and rice :-). Now, I want some gumbo!

    1. Globe trot says

      Haha yes! The gumbo is soooo delicious there.

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