Fly LegsUp Hammock Review

By:  Chantal Blake

Finding long-haul comfort in economy class is no small feat. Unless you’re fortunate enough to find an empty row of seats, sleep is hard to come by for most. Compounded with special case scenarios like health challenges and pregnancy, sitting still for so long can become painful. Much cheaper than upgrading to business class is the use of a flight hammock.

The Fly LegsUp Hammock won’t suspend your entire body in the expanse between two rows of seats. Instead, consider the option of raising your legs a bit, much like a recliner. When you find yourself ready to relax, you can “curl up” by leaning your legs into the hammock on either side.

By attaching the flight hammock to the tray table frame in front of you, sturdy Velcro straps on both sides secure the top of the hammock in its place. Inflatable pillows are included to help support your raised legs or whatever position you choose. You can sit on the “tail” of the hammock to create a larger space to stack the pillows but note that unless you’re at a window seat, you will need to drop the tail to the ground so that passengers can pass to exit the aisle.

Setting up the flight hammock is easiest before the person in front of you has reclined their seat, so try to do that as soon as your board. The sturdy Velcro straps are strong and loud when separated which is another reason to set yourself up early before anyone of your neighboring passengers fall asleep around you.

When I first used the Fly LegsUp Hammock, I felt a bit uncomfortable strapping and inflating with nearby passengers curiously looking on but by the second flight, I knew what I was doing and why, so I carried on with ease. I would recommend the flight hammock for use on long-haul flights because shorter flights offer little time to recline and relax. However, the Fly LegsUp products are light-weight and are easy and compact to carry along for any flight.

Fly LegsUp customers rave most about how their children can play, recline, and rest effortlessly in-flight. The flight hammock didn’t give me endless hours of uninterrupted sleep in the way it does for younger travelers, but I did sit more comfortably in economy class as a result. I really wish I knew about this product when traveling while pregnant because I’m confident that it would’ve helped with my dreaded swollen feet. My honest opinion is that Fly LegsUp can be a flight-saver for pregnant moms, anyone traveling with young children, and travelers with circulation challenges. For other travelers, a flight hammock is a great way to add more comfort to your long-haul journey.

A complimentary Fly LegsUp Hammock was offered in exchange for this unbiased review.  All opinions are my own.


  1. Liddy says

    Really,there is such a thing. I had no idea.

  2. Andre says

    I would be worried about offending the person in the seat in front of me. It’s looks like it would pull the seat back and make them uncomfortable.

  3. Angelica Veness says

    I bought it thinking it was a great concept, except then it got banned from all airlines except one. Such a waste of money!

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