Do you know Aachen, Germany? Home of Charles the Great and much more!

By Nicole Brewer

Halo GTs! I hope you are enjoying the start of spring where ever you are across the globe. Yesterday I enjoyed a lovely outing with a couple of my classmates here in Germany, taking the local train just over 2 hours outside of my University in Bochum to the lovely city of Aachen, Germany.  I’m so grateful to have a student transit ticket that is included in my enrollment here.  Aachen is the last stop within the North Rhine Westphalia region that is accessible on it for free ;-).  I’ve heard fabulous things about this quaint town but had to venture there myself to take it all in.

The Aachen Cathedral was #1 on my list to trot to here. It is a re-known UNESCO world heritage site and there is no wonder why. The interior design and architectural realms of this Gorgeous Cathedral literally left me speechless with my mouth hanging wide open. My good friends and myself sat in amazement staring at the huge stained glass windows, high ceilings with fabulous colors and designs. It is indeed a blessing to see such majestic sites while living and studying here in Germany.

After being marveled by the Cathedral, we took a nice long stroll around the city center that has tons of shopping, great treats like the Chocolate shop that we enjoyed, water fountains and other cute little shops to dip in and out of on a day visit.  Its spell-bounding beauty is further intriguing when one considers that is home to the infamous Charles the Great (or Magnificent however your preference is to call him). Furthermore, Aachen is home to some of the most popular salons, spas and bath houses in Europe. You all Know how much I love my Roman baths and spas, so I will for sure be back to take a dip. Enjoy the pics below GTs. Happy globe-trotting.

  1. Adam says

    I’ve heard of Aachen but never been – looks like a nice town. I love these German towns & cities with big, central cathedrals – it feels so “german” and they’ve always got this impressive grandeur to them.

    1. Globe trot says

      Yes indeed. I’ve Loved the architecture and cathedrals here. Thanks for dropping by Adam!

  2. Gran Canaria Local says

    We’ve had some lovely holidays in Germany. However, we’ve never been to Aachen. Your post makes us want to change all that.

    1. Globe trot says


  3. Henry | @fotoeins says

    Isn’t Aachen grand? It’s also amazing to think about how important this piece of land is to European history, and how many times this piece of land has changed hands over time. I enjoyed seeing your photos! Thanks for writing about this, Nicole!

    1. Globe trot says

      Glad you enjoyed it Henry!

  4. Ulla says

    Hi Nicole, it is so great to see that you enjoy your time in Germany. I especially like these pics of your trip to Aachen. hen. Great

    1. Globe trot says

      Thanks Ulla! Yes it’s been a lovely time here :-).

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