Travel A to Z Online Masterclass Review

By:  Chantal Blake

Are you a traveler or a person who travels? Maybe you thought the two were the same, but I beg to differ. Plenty of people travel. They book tickets and hotels, see new places, have new experiences and then return home to their life as they know it. Travelers may do all of the same activities but never return the same. Every trip, whether across the street or across the sea is an opportunity to connect with others, but most importantly, to connect with one’s self. There is no mad dash for collecting passport stamps because they know deeply that where they’ve been has more to do with their experience along the way, not the borders crossed and countries conquered.

Zen Wanderlust
Dr. Nicole Monteio and her daughter in Botswana

Making the transition from being a person who travels to becoming a traveler isn’t an overnight process. It begins within the mind and heart of the individual and blossoms into a lifestyle that values and prioritizes the worth of travel in their lives. In Dr. Nicole Monteiro’s new course, Travel A to Z:  Begin the Journey, Transform Your Life, the globetrotting psychologist takes students by the hand to examine the role travel has in their life and peels back the layers that hinder people from traveling, like fear, lack of funds, or poor planning.

Dr Monteiro’s delivery style draws upon a wealth of travel experiences to illustrate her points with humility and gratitude for how they have enriched her life. She shares tried and true hacks for catching glitch fares, saving on flights and hotels, and refining your travel goals so you can plan for the experience you hope to achieve. Savvy travelers have probably mastered some of these tips through their own trial and error, but Travel A to Z puts valuable resources on a palatable and accessible platter for new and apprehensive travelers to feast upon.

Other bonuses to the self-paced, online course are Dr. Monteiro’s e-book, The Zen of Travel, and supplemental guides to moving abroad, hacking travel, and, most importantly, claiming your greatness. As a professor, Dr. Monteiro affirms her lived reality that travel is the best teacher. It has not only guided her to becoming a more sensitive, aware, and interconnected person, but it is also the tool that helps the clients and patients that she coaches and treats. Perhaps you too will rediscover who you are by encountering the Zen of Wanderlust.

Find out more about the Zen Wanderlust Online Masterclass here.

  1. b.wollak says

    sheer buñllshit. sounds as if autor is simplyu promoting herself.

  2. b.wollak says

    sheer buñllshit. sounds as if autor is simplyu promoting herself. Have never contacted you…you are merely afraid of negativ comments.

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