RarinJinda Wellness Spa Bangkok Thailand Review

By Nicole Brewer

Two weekends ago I had the pleasure of trotting to Bangkok, Thailand for the TBEX Asia travel conference. I was spoiled with Thai hospitality on numerous levels, at the conference and during my free time excursions. The massage that I received at Divana Med Spa Bangkok was divine and the meal that I ate at Oriental’s Sala Rim Naam Restaurant was unforgettable.

I was fortunate enough to indulgence at RarinJinda Wellness Spa, which is one of Thailand’s leading wellness spas with locations in Bangkok and Chiang Mai. RarinJinda Wellness Spa has been voted 1 of the 8 Best Luxury Spas in the World by Agoda travelers, as well as it received the distinction as the Best Luxury Destination Spa at the World Luxury Spa Awards 2012. So you know I was extra excited to get a treatment at such a renowned spa.



I visited the RarinJinda Wellness spa, which is located on the 30th floor in the Grand Centre Point Hotel at Ploenchit station in Bangkok. The spa offers a great view of the city and an even more welcoming feel to the relaxing atmosphere. The staff were exquisitely dressed and seated us before our treatments for a cool refreshing towel and fresh lime juice.



A few awesome travel bloggers from TBEX and I.
A few awesome travel bloggers from TBEX and I.

RarinJinda Wellness Spa offers a variety of massage packages and services. From hydrotherapy and steam sauna rooms to classical Thai massage, you will have your pick here. We were offered the infrared sauna treatment, in which we were able to sit in a sauna room with infrared heaters that emit infrared lights for an enriching experience for our skin, as the radiant heat is absorbed into your skin.

The Infrared Sauna room.
The Infrared Sauna room.
Swanky robe in the sauna and shower room area.
Swanky robe in the sauna and shower room area.

After the relaxing infrared sauna room and a quick shower, we moved on to experience the new  Siamese Himalayan Salt Therapy package in the three-sided Himalayan Salt Room. We laid on the floor in the traditional Thai style after changing into the comfy outfits that were provided for us in the prior room, then for an hour had a masseuse to relax our weary muscles. Be prepared for a bit of stretching and bending, which was obviously necessary in my case as I could surely feel the sensation in my joints and limbs. You will experience the benefits of Spleotherapy after receiving treatment in the Himalayan salt room.

The Himalayan salt room.
The Himalayan salt room.


We were escorted back to the lobby area after our massage treatment to delight on a traditional Thai snack of mango and sticky rice, that came covered with a touch of coconut cream. When I tell you that it was so good. I am indeed a fan of this Thai delicacy and totally recommend it if you are trotting to the region. In the end, I can advise that you will have a splendid massage experience at RarinJinda Wellness Spa if you are heading to Bangkok or even Chiang Mai globetrotters. Enjoy and as always, happy globetrotting.

Thai Mango and sticky rice.
Thai Mango and sticky rice.


***Disclaimer: I was offered an opportunity to review RarinJinda Wellness Spa as part of a TBEX blogger day trip. All opinions expressed are my own.***

  1. Heather Cole says

    It’s my mission next year to try a spa (I’ve never been to one!) and I have my heart set on SE Asia, just love the way they present it all out there! This sounds perfect (and not just because of the sticky rice treats!), a great antidote to the stress of travel.

  2. Lesley Carter says

    I’m even more excited about going to Thailand in November now. I love reading about experiences in the area.

  3. Toni | 2 Aussie Travellers says

    I love to try out unique treatments at the spa’s as we travel around, they vary so much from country to country. The Rarinjinda spa sounds gorgeous and no, not just because I have a lot of love for fresh mango and sticky rice

  4. Sarah says

    I’m hoping to get to Thailand one day, and a spa experience now will be on my list of things to try while there. The salt room reminds me of a similar experience I tried at a Korean spa in Philadelphia, but the infra red light, the traditional Thai sticky rice and mango, and the lime juice are all different from any spa experience I’ve had. Sounds relaxing and luxurious, such fun.

  5. I love a spa visit and I’ve gotten a couple of the best massages ever at spas in Thailand. Rarinjinda is on my list for next time! Besides, how could I resist the mango sticky rice finish?!

  6. Carly says

    I’ve been needing a spa day desperately, and now I’m going to treat myself cause of this post haha. I miss Thailand!

  7. Wandering Carol says

    I’ve been to a lot of spas in Bangkok, but had never heard of this one. I really like the Chi Spa at the Shangri-La and the Oriental. This sounds worth checking out. I do love salt rooms.

  8. melody pittman says

    Grand Centre Point is doing it up right! That food looks NOM and the accommodations fantastic. 😉

  9. Jenna says

    Ahh this looks fantastic! I could really go for a massage right now, especially a Thai massage–sounds like so much fun! I was bummed we couldn’t make it to TBEX in Thailand–looks like it was a great time. Thanks for sharing!

  10. Himanshu says

    I love spas. But first time i am reading a review of an spa. It looks like a luxury spa. Greats shots complimenting your review.

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