Eat Greek- Dubai Jumeirah Beach- Restaurant Review

By Nicole Brewer

The other weekend I had a fabulous time trotting to Dubai, staying at the lovely Melia Dubai 5 star hotel and eating at great restaurants like Signature by Sanjeev Kapoor and Eat Greek- Dubai Jumeirah Beach Residence! It was a great way to wrap up a nice, relaxing weekend getaway from Oman.

Upon entry to Eat Greek after riding the waves at the beach right in front of the location, we were greeted welcomingly by the staff. After confirmation of our reservations, we were pleasantly greeted by the management that gave us suggestions for our consumption (well hello Greek restaurant equals Greek salad and fried feta cheese.) I was of course excited to dine on one of the salad options for my appetizer, but had no idea that it would be so huge! I had never had fried feta cheese before and am so glad that I have discovered this scrumptious creation that was so piping hot that it still sizzled as it came out to the table.

Nom nom, Greek Salad and fried feta deliciousness.
Nom nom, Greek Salad and fried feta deliciousness.


It was also recommended to try one of the many mocktails, with Mykonos being a standout with its bountiful pineapple, orange and raspberry flavors. It was just as delicious as it sounds, with a fresh fruity taste.  For my main course I choose the Jumbo Prawns Saganaki, which were huge prawns drenched in a fragrant fresh tomato sauce and feta cheese (if you hadn’t noticed the feta trend, it was just So yummy).

The prawns just melt in your mouth and the feta cheese found throughout the tomato sauce hit the spot perfectly together. It was seriously mouthwatering good. My friend Sam that joined me had the meat skewers which came with beef, chicken and lamb. As a non red meat eater, I nibbled on her chicken and must say that it was super succulent and delicious. Off of the chicken alone, I’d recommend it.

Jumbo Prawns soaked in tomato and feta sauce.
Jumbo Prawns soaked in tomato and feta sauce.
Succulent Skewers!
Succulent Skewers!

Now, we had to top off the meal with the “Taste of Sweet Greece” sharing platter! This Was Amazing! It came with a bit of all of the dessert options which included: Greek Orange pie with vanilla ice cream; Loukomade’s Grandma’s doughnuts; Baked Greek style cheesecake with watermelon; Traditional Greek Baklava and to top it off a warm chocolate torte served with cream and blueberries. OMG, this was the grandaddy of dessert platters! Baklava, that had a hint of a apple pie taste to it and the Greek Orange pie was just finger-licking good.

The Greek dessert sharing platter, perfect way to end a delightful meal!
The Greek dessert sharing platter, perfect way to end a delightful meal!

I will INDEED be returning to Eat Greek Jumeirah Beach to try out some more outstanding dishes. The service was also impeccable. I would suggest you make reservations however ahead of time, because this was a hot spot as the evening progressed and I could for sure see why!


***Disclaimer: This was a restaurant review offered by the restaurant. All comments and details are my own.***

  1. The food here is amazing. I loved getting to try the food. Your pictures look amazing.

    On another note, as a reader, I hate when the sign me up for the newsletter box is pre-checked. It rubs me wrong to get newsletter, I didn’t specifically sign-up for.

  2. Mags says

    Well, I should not have read this while dieting! lol. Everything looks amazing!

    1. Globe trot says

      Hahaha, just imagine how hard it was for me to write it (while I’m on a juice fast lol). Thanks for dropping by.

  3. Lesley says

    Ok! I’m going to need to eat now even though it’s after 10 pm. I want the meat skewers.

  4. Olga says

    mmmm, these pictures makes me hungry even though I just ate cake!! And I thought nothing could be better than cake, but hey, Greek food won! What is great about Greek food is that you can find it anywhere – even in Dubai!

  5. Stacey Valle says

    I actually never ate Greek food! These looks so good, and I don’t mind giving it a try 🙂

  6. Kasi says

    Again, this food looks amazing! I love Greek food, and I see that you experienced Greek food to the next level there!

  7. Vicky and Buddy says

    I love fried feta! I’m glad you liked it too! And those skewers looked amazing!

  8. Dawn Kealing says

    Being a chef myself, one of the most important things to account for in cooking is that, First: People eat with their eyes. Second: Then they eat with their mouth depending if their eye was pleased with what they see.

    I was definitely eating this food with my eyes and now I’m sad I can’t eat it for real. 🙁

    1. Globe trot says

      Aww, sorry!! lol Well you’ll have to get to Dubai to try it sometime ;-).

  9. Uncover Your Caribbean says

    Excuse us while we eat our screen! Awesome review.

  10. Sonja Riemenschneider says

    Really shouldn’t have read this before eating! Now I’m starving!!! Get me some of those kebabs!

  11. Dave from Daves Travel Pages says

    Greek food is certainly one of the most underrated cuisines in the world

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  13. Shannon says

    Oh my goodness everything looks amazing. I love Greek food and thank you for sharing.

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