Cologne, Germany Carnival 2014

By Nicole Brewer

So the time has descended upon us here in Germany, one of the most celebrated times of the year Carnival! I’m lucky enough to be located just over an hour away from one of the biggest Carnival celebrations this country has to offer in the city of Cologne (Koln). Today is officially Rose Monday, where many of my classmates and more are I’m sure partying the day and night away.

I ventured to Cologne yesterday to partake in the smaller parade that is hosted by the school board and thus for the kiddies which was a blast. Kids and us adult kids alike were treated to candy, popcorn and more once we asked for it from the parade participants.  It was a nice treat to witness these fun festivities and to see the joy on everyone’s faces.  Take a peek at the pics and video below. Happy Carnival season where ever you are across the globe GTs.

Cologne Carnival 2014 performance.



  1. Gran Canaria Local says

    Great photos, Nicole. We had our kiddies carnival at the weekend. However, we’ll be writing about the end of carnival. Blog post with you next week.

    1. Globe trot says

      Thanks and sounds good!

  2. Adam says

    Woohoo!! Today’s Karneval was pretty crazy. I put a few photos up already on Instagram (see link in my name here) — so much fun!

  3. Henry | @fotoeins says

    Ain’t it grand, Nicole! Glad you got to experience this! Kölle Alaaf!

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