Dusseldorf, Germany…protest, architecture and more.

By Nicole Brewer

So yesterday I finally decided to venture to the gorgeous city of Dusseldorf to capture Germany’s 7th largest cities’ essence of what they have to offer. Needless to say, it did not disappointment. Even though the weather was a bit sketchy (not sure what happened to by beautiful Spring weather from the previous day) it was still a treat to get out, have some coffee, macaroons and take a trek around this lovely city.  To my surprise no sooner than I arrived via the train, I left the station to stumble upon a huge protest that was starting to take place along the cities shopping square about the over-use of Energy consumption and biofuels. It was amazing to see the peaceful demonstration with children and adults alike holding flags, dressed up to take a stand in this dynamic city.

After my coffee break at the cute little cafe entitled Toy Kio (they had me at macaroons and Japanese anime ;-)), I was determined to see the architectural feat of the Gehry buildings, designed by re-known  Pritzker-Prize winning  architect Frank Gehry (who’s also designed the Guggenheim Museum in Spain).  You’ve got to remember my childhood dream was to be an architect GTs so I much rather enjoy viewing these spell-bounding designs while trotting the globe. I was lucky enough to take a few snaps just before the rain started back up.  Now, the Really random part of my visit was seeing a somewhat burlesque photo-shoot happen before my eyes at this architectural masterpiece (for sure didn’t expect to see leather whips and stilettos but that happened lol). Take a peek and the selection below and enjoy globe-trotters!

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