Cappadocia: A Dreamlike Land in the Middle of Turkey

By Ann Jaimi Alexander

Many people go to Turkey to visit the historic capital city of Istanbul. I was in the same boat, but luckily I had a Turkish couchsurfer invite me (when I had posted in the Turkey forum on CS announcing my visit and asking for recommendations) to visit his hometown, Nevşehir. I had to Google where this place was, and why would I want to visit this place (which only had 1 couchsurfer there). The image results alone had me convinced within the first 30 seconds that I MUST go, to the region known as Cappadocia, located in the Central Anatolia Region of Turkey.

Unlike most tourists, I set out to Turkey in the winter, which made for a very unique take on this magnificent landscape. I felt like I was taken back into a past world, where the numerous caves were used as secret churches. But this is a visual journey, so take a look at this mystical land for yourself, and don’t miss the chance to take a hot air balloon ride to truly appreciate flying high into another world!

Contributor Bio:

I’m a 30 something Tamil Canadian infused with wanderlust! Born in Sri Lanka, immigrated to Germany then Canada …studied in Australia, worked in England, South Korea and now, China.

I’m a social media addict that loves to photograph life, document my travels, teach those who come across my way, and spread happiness wherever I go. I’ve traveled to 31 countries so far! You can follow my adventures at

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