Photo Journey of Dubai

By Nicole Brewer

Hello globe-trotters! Sorry for the delays on my recent most recent narratives on my globe-trotting adventures. From the news of the iluv2globetrot group trip to Nepal during the summer break to writing articles for the Hipmunk City Love campaign, I have been bombarded with things on my plate as of late. However, I’d rather stay busy then not.  It recently dawned on me that I had not had a chance to share with you the gorgeous pictures that I snapped while in Dubai over the weekend for the Dubai Jazz Festival.

I was fortunate enough to stay at the stunning 5 star The Address Dubai Marina hotel with beautiful views during my time there and then topped off my last morning in Dubai by taking a cruise on the Marina due to the voucher book that I received from the Big Bus Tours Dubai company. It indeed has it perks to do the Big Bus Tour, as you not only see sites on the road like the Atlantis Palm and The Burj Al Arab, but you can do additional side trips, walking tours or cruises like the Dhow Cruises that are offered

It was the Perfect way to finish off a fun-filled weekend, taking in the glorious architecture and cityscapes on a historic wooden Arabian Dhow Cruise . If I had more time, I would had Loved to had done the Desert Sunset Tour, however I guess I’ll have to save that for next time ;-). Check out my Photo Journey of Dubai GTs. I hope you enjoy and as always happy globetrotting!




  1. Claire Robinson says

    I’ve never really fancied Dubai, but I can see the attraction now! Thanks for sharing. If I can just get me a yacht and a helicopter, I’ll fit right in! 🙂

    1. Ayieta says

      Your photos are amazing! Dubai has always appealed to me it just looks so sleek and modern. I definitely want to see it first hand.

  2. Chanel | Cultural Xplorer says

    This post makes me very excited to visit Dubai next month for the first time 🙂 Lovely photos and it looks like it was amazing weather!

  3. Lauren says

    I’ve always wanted to visit Dubai and your photos look great! I have never imagined seeing camels parked on the beach. The trip you guys will taking looks fun!

  4. Jennifer says

    Lovely pictures! I’d love to stay in Dubai – what a luxurious experience.

  5. Jessica O'Neill says

    I’d really love to visit Dubai. I have friends there and just want to experience the luxurious hotels and the water! Need to convince my husband though… 😉

  6. Sophie says

    Dubai looks like a lot of fun and the architecture is so cool. I’m thinking about meeting my family there in the next couple of months.

  7. Andrea says

    Bummer that you didn’t get to do the sunset tour, but these photos prove that either way it was a delightful stay!

  8. femi lewis says

    Confession: I’d never considered visiting Dubai. A day then, I saw your photos. It’s now on my bucket list.

  9. Tyra says

    This photo essay is amazing. I am starting to want to go to Dubai more now. Gorgeous photos!

  10. Vanessa says

    How long were you in Dubai? I’d love to hear more about the foodie scene there!

  11. Francesca @onegrloneworld says

    I can’t believe you stayed at a 5 star resort in Dubai!! That’s amazing!!!

  12. Holly says

    I had to wear a vest like that too! lol which boat ride did you go on? Great photos….I miss Dubai..such an amazing place!

  13. Megsy says

    Dubai is such a tourist heaven! All the attractions are wonderful! Glad you enjoyed time!

  14. Meg Jerrard says

    Great photos! Loved Dubai when I was there in 2010 – didn’t stay on the Marina though did stay at the Atlantis and it was marvellous. Would love to head back. Thanks for the trip down memory lane!

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