Hipmunk City Love: Off the Beaten Path in Playa Del Carmen

By Nicole Brewer

While many people may travel to Playa Del Carmen in Mexico to soak up the sun and relax on the beach, are you aware that there are plenty of things to do besides lounging by the beach here? Yes, you can do the normal activities such as diving, swimming, and snorkeling, but also check out some of these off-the-beaten-path activities and destinations while trotting around Playa Del Carmen. You can find sightseeing tours, wildlife tours, shore excursions, water-based activities, Mayan adventures, and much more if you know where to look. While you’re planning your trip, be sure to check out the hotels in Playa Del Carmen for an affordable stay there. You’ll find the full range of lodging, from budget hotels to save your money for other things all the way up to five-star luxury hotels for a truly memorable getaway.

Cenotes: An Alternative to the Beach

While there are plenty of cenotes (i.e. sinkholes) to take a dip or snorkel in while in Playa Del Carmen, the most popular ones are located farther south. You will be amazed at the astounding beauty of the cenotes, as they appear like a half covered lake and can be hidden in a cave-like surface. You’ll enjoy the cool waters and stunning atmosphere. Now this is much better than just going to the beach! I recommend booking a stay at the Royal Playa Del Carmen in the area to enjoy the fine luxuries that this resort stay has to offer after enjoying your time at the cenotes.

Playa del Carmen via Trover.com.
Playa del Carmen via Trover.com.

Explore More at Xplorer Park

Take a tour of the Xplorer Park, which can be booked here, in order to escape the norm while in Playa Del Carmen. Xplorer offers adventure enthusiasts the option to explore this 7-circuit activity park. You can enjoy this underground adventure, which allows you to drive through the jungle and explore caves and other amazing beauty that the area has to offer. The reasonable rate also features unlimited meals throughout the 9-hour trip. After having a blast on your Xplorer adventure, why not relax your muscles at the spa while staying at the all-adult In Fashion Hotel Boutique.

Out and About in Sian Ka’an

Sian Ka’an is a national park where you can see loads of wildlife that is to the south of Tulum, near some fascinating Mayan ruins. Head out into the cool open sea to witness dolphins and more sea animals. The boat will take you all around a huge bay, so you’ll take in all of the island beauty you can stand. Your guide will take you on a nice lunch excursion, and afterwards in the afternoon you can enjoy some time out in the blue waters snorkeling in order to see the magical fish and other underwater life. You may even see a crocodile while in the lagoon if you’re lucky! Tourists can also see flocks of birds in the lush mangrove forest that is in the area.  If this sounds like a day activity for you, then I’d recommend staying at the nearby all-inclusive, adults-only Sandos Caracol Eco-Resort & Spa.

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  1. Tyra says

    That sunset photograph drew me in! I have been wanting to get to Playa del Carmen as a hop-off point for Chichen Itza. Nice pics!

  2. Shannon says

    Thank you for sharing, I would love to go here. It is lovely!

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