A Travel Guide to Legendary North Dakota

By Nicole Brewer

I’m currently counting down until my return visit to the USA this summer. The weeks are slowly coming to a close from being away from home close to two years. The planning phases have commenced and I’m excited for my return to Atlanta. I’ve considered getaways to Savannah, Chicago and even cross country road trips. While researching, if I’ve come across amazing information on a destination I hadn’t considered before, North Dakota! There is plenty to see, do and explore in this legendary state. Check out this guide to North Dakota for those considering a unique summer destination to trot to.

Things to Do/See

The Knife River Indian Villages are a staple of Native American history and culture. It is a national historic site where you can explore a Hidatsa earth lodge which was rebuilt to showcase the rich history of Native Americans. It consists of 15 miles of trails to trek, as well as see the modern museum. This is especially a great escape for school-aged children, as there is no fee to visit the park. For educators wishing to bring a small group of students, reservations can be made through the education specialist.

A trot over to the Lake Sakakawea & Garrison Dam would be a great way to enjoy the outdoors and nature while in North Dakota. The lake is renowned for sailing, scuba diving, bird-watching, as well as camping and hunting. It’s a great way to get away from it out and become one with nature.

Also the North Dakota Cowboy Hall of Fame is another attraction worthy of a visit. It recounts the history and promotes the culture of Native Americans, rodeo riders and ranchers from the plains of North Dakota. It features permanent and traveling cultural exhibits, a theater, Hall of Honorees and an open air patio to take in the fresh and clean atmosphere.

lookout at the Knife River Indian Village ND. Via Frank White Bull Photography.
lookout at the Knife River Indian Village ND. Via Frank White Bull Photography.

Where to Eat

Mezzaluna is a fine dining restaurant located in downtown Fargo, North Dakota near the Fargo Theatre. The ambience of the historic building located in the Lofts on Roberts Street includes wood flooring, corbelled brick and large windows. It features superb food choices like pan seared scallops, beef short ribs and grilled duck breast.

The Peacock Alley  American Bar & Grill is located in the historic Patterson building in downtown Bismarck. Their menu options are legendary as, they offer an array of cuisines for various palates. These include signature dishes like their cowboy ribeye and the hanger steak.  It also features a prominent bar that mixes some of the best martinis in the land and a selection of 24 tap beers, vodkas and scotches.

The Arts/Culture

If the Cowboy Hall of Fame or Lake Sakakawea don’t suit your fancy, then consider a visit to the Plains Art Museum.  It is home to over 3,000 masterpieces and works of art by national and regional artists. Exhibits include the North Dakota Mural and the permanent Creative Actions Collection.

The State Museum at the North Dakota Heritage Center also has galleries that showcase the state’s rich history, the present and what the future holds. It’s located in the Bismarck area as well so head here after you dine at the Peacock Alley.

**Disclaimer: This article is a sponsored post offered by the North Dakota Tourism board. All content is originally produced and my own.**

  1. Nadeen says

    I am sure you are excited to get home for a visit! That’s a long time. I have never been to either of the Dakotas but I love history and I love food so who knows maybe I’ll get there one day.

  2. Aisha Johnson Adams says

    I think I drove through South Dakota once. I am glad that you will get a chance to come back soon. I hope you have a great time. I am sure your friends and family miss you.

  3. Kayvona says

    I visited South Dakota before for a missions trip on a Native American reservation. It was a life changing experience but I’ve never been to North Dakota before. I wonder how different and alike the 2 states are?

  4. Kita says

    I have always wanted to go to one of the Dakota’s I always think of the beautiful sunsets over there and the serene sense of peace that I have seen on tv.

  5. Patrice M Foster says

    Wanted to go to South Dakota earlier in my career but change my mind. Your views image is breath taken lovely.

  6. Tyra says

    Now this makes North Dakota sound interesting. I had to go up for a wedding and this was not my experience by any means (it was sooo boring) but I was limited exclusively to Fargo for the wedding and didn’t have time to explore.

  7. GinaB @ Mirror Watching says

    Two years is a long time. I’m sure you are ready for a trip home. Hope you have a great visit!

    1. Globe trot says

      Thanks! Yeah I seriously can’t Wait!

  8. Siobhan (BeFree Project) says

    Safe travels back home this summer. I never even considered visiting North Dakota, however the Plains Art Museum sounds like something I would be interested in.

  9. Julian (@BoldFearless1) says

    Who would have ever thought about North Dakota as a place to visit? Some of the places you mention here remind of my visit to Sedona–especially the Native American part.So you’ll have to let us know how you enjoy it when you make your way there.

  10. lashonda says

    You seriously make North Dakota look cool. I might have to plan a visit.

  11. Kiwi says

    I will be honest, I never think to even visit ND. You are one of my travel blogger inspiration so reading this might make me more open minded!

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